>facebook social networking pays off

>Viking facebook page

So, I’m a Viking Facebook fan and regularly comment on their wall posts as well as continue to enter chances to win the crown jewel of Viking – a Viking range. I’m so in love.

I happened upon a posting about National Tortilla Chip Dip Day and the question was – “What is your favorite dip to serve with tortilla chips?” Immediately, Kortney’s chile con queso dip came to mind. Kortney is one of my fabulous sisters and also a fellow foodie and gourmet cook. The first 3 to respond with their recipes would win a Viking hand blender and chopper attachment. So, I fired away, typing everything from memory and submitted. Not thinking anything of it for the rest of the day, I checked Facebook in the early evening and noticed the following post…

Viking is totally impressed at how fast the recipes have been flying in! The ladies take the prize today: Sharmila Shah Sil with a spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip, Tenley Thompson Kanwischer and her Chile Con Queso, and Susan Kraus Lovelace’s Salsa! Congratulations to this lucky trio and thanks to all of you who shared recipes!

So cool! I can’t wait for my new hand blender… and thanks to my sister for sharing the chile con queso recipe with me. It’s something my friends look forward to when they visit. It’s so spicy and yummy and soooo addicting. I will post the recipe soon.


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