>fridays with d & e

>My Fridays are fairly routine – early morning work out with hubby, freshly brewed coffee, send Brendan & Clare off to school and pack up Dane & Eleanor to run errands at our favorite places – Target & Costco. Usually, Dane has Swedish Fish on his request list. Eleanor just sits and smiles while I load up the cart.

Disclaimer: Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Note… I’m usually under a time limit – the kids only last so long and tantrums start to erupt like molten lava from a volcano. That happens, and depending on where I am in the midst of the errand – I will halt everything and leave the store. Just not worth it to me to battle the toddler urges and temptations of the checkout lane and the end cap displays (why do they do that to us anyway?) And, why wouldn’t I give in? Even just once? Because I’m most definitely doomed from then on. Toddlers and preschoolers remember that stuff and will play on emotions and get their way each and every time. So, I carry on.

Most of the time, I get all my groceries and necessities into the car before anything like that happens. 🙂 Today, I did buy some junk – yes, I did. Here’s a sneak peek.

I know. I can barely stand to look either.

I made up for it by getting these – and not just one bunch, but two!

If you haven’t been to Costco to pick up some Clem’n Tina’s – GO! They are amazing right now. And, still in season. The perfect combination of tart and sweet and can’t get enough of them goodness!

Here’s what Dane & Eleanor were doing while I was making them their nutritious Kraft macaroni and cheese lunch. Oh, and served with clementines. 🙂

Look at these goof balls.
Eleanor and Dane

Happy Friday!


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  1. >Tenley, I love this! You are not only an amazing chef, but a fantastic writer! These pictures of the kids and yes the delicious food you have created are, like Dane would say, "IRRESISTABLE!"Whitney Jo,

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