>blues over baby green beans

>Here it is…

I’ve got the blues…. This is the last baby food in the house :(. I just can’t seem to part with these prunes and green beans. Funny, because none of my kids really cared for the baby veggies, and I really only bought prunes for emergencies. So, why do I still have them in my cupboard? Well, they’re not expired yet and I just can’t throw them. My babies aren’t babies anymore (sad pause…), but I still can’t toss them.

How can this stage of my life already have passed?! Brendan is 9 and it seems like yesterday I was a new mom, cuddling him 24/7. Now, he’s almost as tall as me and he’s grown up to such a young man (or so he seems.) Clare is 7, and a girl who knows what she wants. I chuckle when I think about her wanting to take dance lessons at 3, but deciding it “wasn’t for her” by the end of the 6 weeks. Dane will be 4 in July and he’s determined to eat all the green beans he can now, so he can be big like Joe Mauer. Dane got a little teary eyed the other day when we were talking about growing up and all the milestones of going to school, leaving for college, getting married, etc. Now, he tells me he doesn’t want to grow up because he wants to live with mom and dad forever. (I’m OK with that.) And, Eleanor will be 18 months in April and she’s already role playing – crawling around on all fours, acting as a puppy (with panting and barking included. She loves to climb as well (even up to the kitchen countertops.)

My babies are growing up…way too fast. And, I LOVE being their mom. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family. And, I may hang on to those jars of baby food for just a little longer. At least I’ll have an excuse to throw them once they expire.

And, a message for my kids – our doors are always open and you’re always welcome. 🙂


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