>grilled salmon

>Salmon. My most favorite all time preparation is grilled (and broiled or seared is a close second.) We grill salmon about once a week, especially in the summer time. We buy the long filet from Costco and we cut into wedges or small slabs. We let it reach room temperature, coat the salmon in olive oil and season generously with cracked pepper and kosher salt (both sides.)

We preheat the grill to 300 degrees and grill for 3-4 minutes, then flip over and grill the other side for the same or until done to your liking. Serve with couscous or a potato and a green veggie and you’re set. I like a touch of fresh lemon juice with my salmon as well.

Note: Too much olive oil will cause flare-ups and smoke. If you have a gas grill and this happens, you will notice a propane like flavor and the salmon may turn a little gray/black from the smoke. I only know this because it’s happened to me. And, I never like to ruin a fish as grand as salmon. Also, don’t overcook, as the salmon will become dry.



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