>a rally cry – i heart butterscotch

>Every so often, I treat myself to a Dairy Queen (my favorite, favorite ice cream place.) My usual indulgences vary from a plain jane vanilla cone to a candy crunch dipped cone to a butterscotch dipped cone to a dilly bar to a butterscotch shake to a Hawaiian blizzard to a Mr. Misty float or freeze.

This particular day (only a few days ago), I was craving a butterscotch shake. I pulled up to my local Dairy Queen drive thru and ordered one. My drive thru teller didn’t even catch it right away. I proceeded to the pay window and then she told me. I was shocked to hear that the butterscotch syrup I loved so dearly was discontinued – and – over a year ago. I settled for a chocolate banana shake.

OK, here are my rants on the subject…

#1. Why? Why was butterscotch taken away? Could I be one of the lone customers who orders a butterscotch shake? Was it really too much to ask to keep it on their menu? Was caramel truly a viable “substitute” for butterscotch? Why would they even offer as a substitute? Why would they offer the butterscotch formula they use as a cone dip as a substitute? They said it would be like a “butterscotch chip” shake. I didn’t want a butterscotch chip shake. Just butterscotch. Was it really necessary to consolidate choices for their customers?

I mean, really…

Only a few years ago, Dairy Queen discontinued fresh, shredded coconut and substituted toasted coconut instead – just a word on that one – the comparison is by no means a comparison. Fresh vs. toasted coconut? Na.

#2. As weird as it sounds, I was somewhat relieved that the butterscotch had been discontinued over a year ago and only now had I just learned of it. Which means I don’t have as much of an “issue” as I thought I had with ice cream cravings. Yay!

#3. Also, a few months ago, I was trying to find a butterscotch syrup to replace the empty one in my fridge at home. I could not find the right syrup – anywhere… in any of the grocery stores I frequent. Lots of caramel and caramel combinations, but no butterscotch. Ugh.

Bring back the butterscotch… pleeeaaaase. Dairy Queen?


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