no food, just beautiful begonias

Some of my favorite, favorite flowers are begonias.  This year, I got the most amazing pink and peach colored plants for my pots.  They seem to be pretty hardy and they stay vibrant throughout the summer as long as they get water and enough shade.  Our first really warm day this spring was Memorial Day and I had the kids outside with sprinklers while I decided to water our planters on the front porch.  Eleanor loves using our sprayer (as do all the kids), so she was helping me water.  I showed her the pretty blooms on one of the begonia plants and also picked up a bloom that had fallen to the ground.  I turned my back for less than 15 seconds and here is what happened in those few seconds… 

Nice.  Thanks miss E.  Beautiful begonias for a beautiful girl.  I really loved the begonia and I guess she did too!  Let’s hope her “dead-heading” brings more blooms this summer…  Happy Spring – bring on the sunshine and warmer weather!


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