cream cheese wontons

We like to do Chinese takeout night, and sometimes, it’s our own version of takeout.  We usually whip up a batch of fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, potstickers, cream cheese wontons, and sometimes a beef and broccoli or other stir fry.  The kids LOVE cream cheese wontons.  And, they usually want more than the typical 6-8 you would get in an order.  We’ve started making them at home.  They’re actually really simple to make – they just take awhile to put together. 

Two ingredients – cream cheese and wonton wrappers.

Some like to add green onion, garlic, sugar or crab to their cream cheese, but we like ours plain jane.

To assemble them, I usually grab a flexible cutting board, a small ramekin full of warm water,
cream cheese and wonton wrappers.  I also grab a plate or something to place my assembled wontons on.  Lay a wonton wrapper on the cutting board and place a dollop of cream cheese in the middle.  (Not too much cream cheese, as they won’t seal properly and you’ll lose it when deep frying.)  Dip your finger in the warm water and run it along two of the wonton wrapper edges.  Fold the wonton wrapper into a triangle – (two dry edges opposite the wet edges) and seal them – pressing down and scrunching them up into a tiny purse-like shape.

Here’s what they look like once assembled:

Deep fry in a deep fryer.  If you don’t have a fryer, heat vegetable oil over a med-high heat burner in a deep, heavy-duty sauce pan until a piece of bread starts to sizzle when dropped into the oil.  Deep fry until golden brown and they float to the top.  

Here’s what they look like once they’ve been deep-fried.

Serve hot with side of sweet and sour sauce.  I also like to add soy sauce and maybe a dash of sriracha.  Enjoy!


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