bar la grassa with old friends

Good times are meant to be shared with good friends.  We recently had dinner with some old friends and had a great night out on the town.  We had a birthday and an anniversary between the four of us, so a good time to celebrate and better yet, at a restaurant whose chef just won the 2011 Best Chef James Beard Foundation award… Bar La Grassa.

I tried to take pictures of our fabulous dishes, but the lighting was poor and we were hungry, so you’ll just have to imagine them for the most part.  Sorry.

We ordered the soft eggs and lobster bruschetta as a first course – a recommended pick from our waiter.  Very rich and divine.  One bite was really all I needed.  It was like a savory version of a sweet, chocolate truffle.  One bite.  Done.

For our main course, we split a few dishes among the four of us… bucatini with bolognese (yum), crab ravioli (good), gnocchi with cauliflower and orange (another recommended dish – just grand), and mushroom and tallegio agnolotti (my personal favorite).  We ordered the broccolini in prosciutto brodo for our side course.

Everything was really good.  Only down side was the restaurant lost power twice in the couple of hours we dined.  We found ourselves eating in a dark, smoky haze part of the night, and our waiter seemed to be lost, but we still had a fabulous time.   And we finished off the night with many more great memories.



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