september birthday

Jeff celebrates another year today. I had grand plans to bake a cake for him today… I really did. I really wanted to make him Alton Brown’s version of carrot cake, but my KitchenAid is currently held hostage by some repair shop. The mixer was leaking and dripping dark, brown oil into the mixing bowl and sometimes, pooling on the countertop. Not a very appetizing thought – and I do love using it, so it’s now in the hands of a repair man. Scheduled to be done in about a week. So, I scratched the carrot cake idea. Too much work for a hand mixer and way too much work for my arm.

I bought a cake mix today – a double (or triple?) chocolate cake mix with a chocolate frosting. It’s currently sitting in the box on the countertop. At 90 degrees in September, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow to bake it. He even grilled the steaks for dinner tonight, and made the potatoes. I know what you’re thinking… “geez, he did all that on his own? and, on his birthday?” It’s been one of those weeks. Happy Birthday, Jeff.



  1. Don’t feel badly T, Todd even makes his OWN cakes on his birthday :)! It looks like in the end, the cake was a great success! Happy birthday jeff!

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