i said i would… oh, and cakes and such

I did it.  I baked the cake for Jeff’s birthday.  A boxed cake, but that’s ok.  I frosted it and it’s ready to eat.  A day late, but I did it.  38.  Happy Birthday, again, Jeff!

Here it is.

I have to say that I’m really not proud of my baking and frosting abilities.  It’s a constant trial and error most of the time.  I’ve signed up for an introductory cake decorating class to hopefully hone my skills.  It’s a mission I have.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even try level 3, fondant (if I really like it.)

I envy the beautiful cakes I see on the reality shows and those my aunt Kimm made for me on some of my birthdays and those you see in the display windows at fancy bakeries.  It’s an art for sure.

Here are some of my past cakes… beware – some of them are a little “rough around the edges.”

2004 – Brendan’s 2nd Birthday (bless his heart.  he didn’t know the difference.  and, it actually tasted really good – just didn’t look so good.)

Oh, and here’s Clare’s 2nd birthday cake.  Chocolate, of course.  She LOVES chocolate.  Maybe a little improvement from a few years before?  Maybe not.

OMG!  I guess maybe not such an improvement – Brendan’s 4th birthday.  I did go out and buy an “edible image” Spiderman to put on his cake, but ugh… see what you think.  Spiderman was certainly the star in this creation.

And, Dane’s 2nd Birthday.  Sometimes, cupcakes are just easier.  And, look how excited he is.  Tongue out, bracing against his booster seat, sippy cup nearby.  He is ready.  Love this photo.

Here’s Dane’s 3rd Birthday cake.  Not too shabby.  Note the creativity on my pick of boulders and bricks.  Ok, well the kids loved it.

Now, for some of the professional cakes.  This is what I strive for someday…


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