bordelaise sauce

Bordelaise sauce – recipe adapted a little from Saveur

1 cup red wine
2 sprigs fresh thyme
2 shallots, finely diced
1 bay leaf
6 tbsp. Demi-Glace
1-2 tbsp. chilled unsalted butter, diced
1 tbsp. finely chopped flat-leaf parsley

heavy whipping cream, optional
salt and pepper, to taste

In a saucepan, combine wine, thyme, shallots, and bay leaf. Reduce wine over medium-high heat until almost completely evaporated.  Discard the thyme and bay leaf; stir in demi-glace. Reduce heat to medium and whisk in butter. Remove saucepan from heat; stir in parsley and season sauce with salt and pepper. (I also whisked in about 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream.)  Yields 3⁄4 cup sauce.

Serve with steak.


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