a bit of a setback

I’ve been going through cooking withdrawals the past few days. My most favorite thing to do in my spare time has unfortunately, taken a backseat. Here’s the story, in a nutshell…

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I joined other parents from our kids’ school for a fun, Friday evening of socializing and platform tennis. We arrived to find a mini-tournament schedule, comprised of brackets and associated pairings for the night. Neither of us had ever played the game before, but had been told it was similar to regular tennis with a bit of racquetball mixed in. OK. Easy enough. My doubles partner and I advanced to the semi-finals, finishing a close game in the first round. Jeff had also won his first game. I had visions of being paired up against Jeff and his doubles partner in the final round.

Advance to the semi-finals game…we were down by 2 or 3 points. It was during this game that I ruptured my Achilles tendon. I went for the shot, fell forward to my knees, racket hit the ground and I felt something in the back of my leg/foot snap. I knew something had happened right away – it hurt. But, I was embarrassed, so immediately got to my feet and stood up. As I tried to walk, my left leg kept giving out, and my walking just wasn’t in sync. Something was wrong. I hobbled into the clubhouse and put my foot on ice for a while. We left and ended our fun evening prematurely. I went to the doctor the next morning and had surgery the following Friday.

I am on crutches for the next 6 weeks (with no weight-bearing on my left foot). A series of casts, boots and physical therapy will follow.  I’m learning to use my crutches and balance on my right foot, but my left foot still throbs when I’m standing and moving on my crutches.  I have my leg propped up on a “leg elevator” most of the day – it takes the throbbing away and helps keep the swelling down. My family has been wonderful – helping me whenever I ask. And, an outpouring of friends’ offers to help, bring meals, drive the kids, etc. have been so appreciated.  I am blessed.

So, for now, the cooking will wait. I have a few drafts of blog posts that I will publish in the coming days and weeks. And, I will wait for that day in December that I can stand on both feet (without crutches) in front of my stove and sink – cooking, baking, mixing and preparing food…

On another note… I got a call from Dane’s preschool teacher this afternoon telling me how much he LOVED the spaghetti squash she served to the kids.  A sampling of a few strands on each of the kids’ napkins turned into Dane asking for seconds and thirds, and eventually a few cups of squash – steamed with no seasonings or sugar.

I have a son with a curiosity and appreciation of food, just like his mother.  All my lectures about food and recipes and answering his endless questions is starting to pay off.  I am so proud.


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