new years cooking resolutions

In 2012, I resolve to [fill in the blank from list below]:

1. Sharpen my knives more frequently.

2. Heat my cast iron pan properly before adding meats.

3. Wear an apron more regularly when cooking and baking with messy recipes.

4. Get better at mise en place once and for all.

5. Bake a white, layered coconut cake.

6. Visit Whole Foods Minnetonka (and, maybe just take an afternoon off so I can savor at my leisure.)

7. Cook more with my kids, teach and delegate tasks.

8. Make more homemade pizza.

9. Organize my kitchen cupboards and drawers.

10. Don’t add garlic to saute pan too soon.  (Nothing worse than burnt garlic.)

11. Read my new French cookbook and vow to make some amazing new dishes.

12. Use more cloth napkins.

Happy New Year!



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