a tidbit or two

I’m a mom (of 4) and wife who loves to cook and is passionate about my time in the kitchen.  I love the challenge and excitement of trying a new recipe for the first time. Most of my free time is spent scouring the latest food journals, scanning the menus of some of the hottest restaurants, or chatting with my sisters about the latest food trends.  Documenting my food trials and tribulations is what this blog is all about.

Each day, I strive to cook an evening dinner for my family – all six of us. Sitting together as many evenings as we can is so important to me – we eat, we connect and we share our day…the good and the bad, or as we call them, our “warm fuzzies and cold pricklies.” The best part of the day is watching my family’s anticipation unfold as they walk through the door and wonder what’s on tap for dinner.   Creating a tradition of eating together is a key component of raising my children, while emphasizing the importance of carving out time each day to enjoy a meal together.  My hope is that they too, will continue the tradition with their families.  Even during extended family gatherings, the highlight of our time together often centers around cooking. We hang out in the kitchen, cook, share stories and create memories.

My inspiration for cooking and food comes from traditional family recipes as well as my favorite magzines and websites – Gourmet, Epicurious, Food & Wine, Williams-Sonoma, food blogs and many cookbooks. Any recipe with butter, cream, garlic, shallots or mushrooms is sure to be a hit. My dream is to cook in a commercial-grade kitchen someday.  Wolf, Viking, Sub-Zero, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table – amazing products and brands – trademarks of a fine cook and gourmet connoisseur.  Food.  Mmmm.  Good.  And So Amazing.


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